NM Architects

"Creating architecture for the people and the environment"

Founded in early 2013 by Nikolaos Moschos, NM Architects started as a small architectural design practice with great ambitions. Since then, NM Architects continues to grow steadily, forming a group of young, highly qualified and talented architects, structural and mechanical engineers, interior and landscape architects, graphic & 3D artists. Over the years, concentrating on the aspects of humanity and quality of life has been our main focus. Likewise, creating sustainable architecture for the people, while at the same time respecting the environment, has been an equally gratifying journey.

At NM Architects, we believe that every project is distinct and each client is special. We pay great attention to our clients' needs, and do our ultimate best to materialize their visions and ideas, always focusing on the potential each site offers, while considering budget cost allowance.

"We design buildings that shape lives for generations to come"

Our work comprises all scales and levels, whether from urban or landscape design and individual buildings, to interiors, furnishings, and fine detail design. Our approach revolves around people – the way they move, the way they play, the way they live. We design spaces that enhance the quality of life, most carefully considering functionality, social context and environmental impact. By recognizing the profound effect our design has on people’s lives, we strive to embed an outstanding and long-lasting quality in our work, creating new possibilities for our current society, while protecting the interests of future generations.

"We create Architecture, planning and design globally, from concept to realization"

Our professional services in Architecture are organized according to the following necessary development phases: Planning and Evaluation, Program Development, Conceptual Studies, Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Design and Documentation, including Construction Administration, and Project Management.
NM Architects
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