Design approach

"Our approach to the design process, ensures that we create perfectly suitable, charming architecture"

Our work is characterized by constant experimentation with materials, new technologies, and innovative forms and creating solutions tailored to our clients’ needs, desires and aesthetic pursuits. This detailed approach to the design process, ensures that we create perfectly suitable, charming architecture, in this way maximizing the potential of each project. Through our work we aim to demonstrate a collaborative approach to our built environment that explores the key elements we believe are necessary for successful architecture:

Design process innovation

We believe that craftsmanship, together with an on-going technological shift within the construction industry, can profoundly change the way we build our cities. Through development and application of digital practices and analysis methods, we can improve quality, enhance collaboration and expedite the project delivery process. Craft skills and cutting-edge computer technology happily co-exist in our practice.

Sustainable solutions

We explore new materials and technologies, improving people’s lives and ensuring that projects we design offset current building limitations / certifications, in this way adding real long-lasting value. We consider social and environmental sustainability a truly creative challenge. Understanding that most buildings are usually demolished, instead of being either upgraded or restored, altering their original use if necessary, we consider future-proofing to be both a social and technical enterprise. An understanding of the methods and materials that form a strong and long-lasting building lies right at the basis of our research. We do not just seek to sustain our current way of life, but to also create a more positive future.


Workshops and technology tools can only go so far, since it’s people that drive the creative process. Clients, operators, and in-office workshops fuel our design process, often producing the most exciting, useful, and fresh takes on problem solving, giving way to a built project to respond in kind. Ensuring long-lasting quality through collaborative design processes is fundamental to our approach. We invite our clients, operators, and collaborators to participate in open design-sessions, as we believe the best ideas arise from collectives of people from different backgrounds, meeting in an open and trusting forum. Carefully, all this information is then combined with years of research and experience, as we apply our knowledge to create extraordinary and resilient design solutions.

Advanced design workflow

At NM Architects, it is our ambition to stay updated on developments and explore the most advanced work methods. As a result, we have developed BIM applications, employed in all our projects. Our workflow allows our clients to visualize, understand the different stages of, and get a precise cost estimate for, each assignment. By combining BIM applications with 3D Laser Scanning-Point Cloud Technology, Real-Time Architectural Visualization and 3D Virtual Tours, we provide a design workflow that can cope with any type and scale of architectural projects, while enabling effective communication between all parties involved in the design development process.
Design approach
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