Al Matar Hotel Typical Room

Al Matar Hotel Typical Room

A hotel room has but one mission: to deliver a flawless experience to guests. Consequently, hotel owners turn to designers and architects for help to achieve just that. As a result, NM Architects took on the design of two standard hotel rooms at the Al Matar Hotel development in Doha, Qatar.


Doha, Qatar




45 sq.m

Project status

Concept Design


Al Matar Hotel

Al Matar Hotel Typical Room
Al Matar Hotel Typical Room
Silver king
Designing a hotel guestroom can be quite a challenge, indeed. More so, a study showed that a large percentage of customers’ satisfaction comes from their experience in a guestroom, compared to that of other areas in a hotel. For example, rooms can either be simple or elaborate, depending on our client’s signature style and image.
Al Matar Hotel Typical Room
Silver Queen
In so far, modern hotel room designs are trending more and more towards providing a personal space; a space where guests can experience all comforts they require while away from home. Moreover, we, as designers, must keep in mind that travellers need convenient charging areas for all their gadgets. Most importantly, whether our clients opt for a high-end hotel, or a boutique Microtel, they expect nothing less than a guestroom which is comfortable and aesthetically pleasing!
Al Matar Hotel Typical Room
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