BA.House – Construction site diary

This is one of our latest residential projects in the Rio area in Patras, Greece.  The BA.House is a 321 sq.m building, on a 1,600 sq.m site. The property is situated at a great location offering panoramic views of the Gulf of Patras, and the Rion-Antirion Bridge. Here we will share photos from all construction stages, of our project…Stay Tuned!!!

Excavation works

The excavation stage is one of the most exciting parts of the building process. Here we see the excavation and backfilling of sloping natural soil in our new project.

Retaining wall construction

Due to the natural incline on the site, a retaining wall construction was necessary.

Basement level superstructure

Basement-floor level excavation, foundation, formworks & concrete casting on site.

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Ground floor level superstructure

Ground-floor level formworks & concrete casting on site.

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First floor level superstructure

First-floor level and roof slab, formworks & concrete casting on site.

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Brick Masonry

Construction of double-masonry perimeter and interior walls. First stage of electrical and plumbing instalations.

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Exterior and interior cladding

Cladding of all interior brick walls with plaster, while applying thermal insulation on all façades.

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Electromechanical installations

Installing cooling and heating units, separate underfloor heating system, in addition to electrical and plumbing.

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Flooring and ceiling

Tile flooring, gypsum-board ceiling applications, and roof insulation.

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Aluminum window and door frames, using advanced energy-efficient glass panes.

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Landscape and pool area construction in progress...

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