Casa CoDi – Construction site diary

Fresh images from the under construction CasaCoDi, one of our latest residential projects. It’s about a private house for a family of three, located in Chalkida, Evia. Here we will share photos from all stages of construction of our project…Stay Tuned!!!

Excavation works

Site excavation and concrete blinding


Basement, ground and first floor level, formworks & concrete casting on site.

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Brick Masonry

Construction of double-masonry perimeter and interior walls. First stage of electrical and plumbing instalations.

Exterior and interior cladding

Cladding of all interior brick walls with plaster, while applying thermal insulation on all façades.

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Façades plastering, electro/cal installations, flooring and ceiling

Cooling & heating installation, tile flooring & gypsum-board ceiling applications, plastering works and metal balusters installation.

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Finishing touches

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