H194 Dhil Alsamaka

H194 Dhil Alsamaka

This is a project about an A + energy class building located only a few blocks away from the sea, on the main street area of Voula, in the southern suburbs in Athens, Greece. The neighbourhood is a quiet residential area offering many services and facilities. The building consists of a ground-floor store, for commercial use, a loft and three floors of residential space featuring a variety of apartments suitable for all needs. The site is located between Vasileos Pavlou and Plastira Sts, and features an entrance on either side. The entrance for the store faces the main street, whereas the one used for access to the apartments is located on a quiet side street.


Voula, Athens, Greece




1346 sq.m

Project status

Under Construction

In collaboration with

314 Architecture Studio


QG Investment

H194 Dhil Alsamaka
H194 Dhil Alsamaka
Entrance on Vasileos Pavlou Street
The entrance to the ground floor level retail shop is on the main street.
H194 Dhil Alsamaka
Entrance on Plastira Street
At the front of the apartment building, a well-appointed pond adds a truly unique character to the surrounding space.
H194 Dhil Alsamaka
H194 Dhil Alsamaka
The largest-size apartment, on the first floor, has a swimming pool, and so do the two apartments on the fourth floor, featuring lofts with spectacular sea views. All apartments come with subfloor heating, a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, and walk-in closets. In addition, there is subterranean parking for commercial and residential use in the basement area.
H194 Dhil Alsamaka
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